Machining and Prototyping

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We can alter your current gun projects by machining custom parts, reverse engineering parts, barrel porting, and customizing your factory slide. We can even add front serrations for press checks by duplicating what you have.

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  1. Dave – When I was last at Gunsite, you had to cleat the barrel of my lever gun because of round with no powder stuck a bullet from force of primer. While fixing me up we talked about cutting the slide of a Glock 19 to mount an red dot sight. You showed me a couple of the works you had in progress on other pistols. I am sold! My pistol is a Glock19, gen 3. I think you showed me a Holosun sight that looked and worked fine.

    What do I need to do to get that process started? Do ypu need a deposit? What time frame are we looking at? What sight do you recommend at this point? Can you give an estimated cost to complete the deal?


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