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Our custom rifle services include, inletting, bedding, rebarreling, accurizing and blue printing, threading, scope mounting, chambering, head spacing and complete custom builds. Contact us to start your custom work.

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  1. I got your contact data from the bull pup forum under the KM Arms tab. I have a KM Arms M17s 308 (3080022x). I like the rifle but I do not like the cross bolt safety. I believe it’s possible to convert the safety to a 30 – 40 degree left side lever, allowing manipulation using right hand thumb. I believe the existing detent would work to provide stops and a stop on frame could also be added. After the safety issue is solved I’d also like an 18 inch barrel. I have access to an 18 inch proof research carbon fiber AR 10 barrel. Looking at the KM design I believe the gas block attachment location is negotiable. Not sure about removing the barrel extension and replacing with a KM extension. Or I could send you a Bartlien blank, have you flute, gas port, chamber, assemble…

    Thoughts? Thank you.

    Warren Mayes

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